Whatsapp Pay ready to launch in India

India is one of the biggest markets for whatsapp. Online Payments in India has been revolutionised with the launch UPI. Whatsapp recently received a regulatory nod in India. Whatsapp Pay ready to launch in India will go through phases of evolution. NPCI has granted all the necessary permissions to launch Whatsapp Pay reported by Business Standard. Whatsapp Pay will rollout for 10million users in first phase and then Country Wide in second phase. Whatsapp assured NPCI and RBI that it will comply with data localization rules of India. Data localization rule states that all payment related data of Indian Users…


Monetization is here for IGTV

For nearly 18 months IGTV is working hard to improve the video experience. IGTV creators never showed a passion for uploading their videos on IGTV regularly. Primary reason is ofcourse money. Until now, IGTV didn't paid its creators. But now IGTV has a partner program for creators to monetize their contents. After increasing the time limit of videos on its platform now IGTV is testing a monetization platform. The monetization will motivate creators to create better content for IGTV. Content Creators may receive upto 55% of total revenue from ad breaks inserted in middle of videos as ad breaks. Until…


Chinese Smartphone Giants uniting to take over Google under GDSA

Few days back Huawei dropped to use Google services and started marketing its own Huawei mobile services. Harmony OS rumoured to appear in next Huawei Smartphone. Now Huawei gets Support of Chinese Smartphone giants. Huawei, Vivo, oppo, and Xiaomi are working together to take over Google Play store. Chinese Smartphone giants now uniting to challenge Google Play store in global Market. All of these Giants have joined together under Global Developer Service Alliance(GDSA). With this alliance they are attempting to develop a platform for developers to upload apps on all of their platforms simultaneously. SInce, Google Play Store is banned…


Good Lock by Samsung – Power to Customise

Samsung OneUI is one of the best Android Skin out there. Samsung worked hard to give a better user experience. With Good Lock Samsung is now on the edge of giving its customers power of custom roms without rooting. Good Lock originally launched in 2016, went further improvements and with the latest release it offers some good features. Let us what is Good Lock by Samsung and how it gives you Power to Customise. First thing first, how to download the Good Lock app. Its pretty simple just head to the galaxy store on your Samsung Smartphone and search for…

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Poco X2 – Nothing Extraordinary

The first Pocophone the poco f1 was a great value for money device. It is Poco F1 that introduced a flagship level performance at a very low price. The launch of Poco F1 led to a war in mid range to own the flagship killer titles. The Indian market ever since saw a flood of value for money devices. But What about Poco X2? Simple Words Poco X2- Nothin Extraordinary. Poco X2 is a near replica of Redmi K30 that launched in China. But, is this smartphone worth the hype? Let's take a look Performance Poco X2 is powered by…


Real World difference between QHD and FHD displays

Smartphone displays, are crucial part of evaluation. A Good display can make user experience much better. Quad HD and Full HD are the most popular displays in the industry. Everyone prefers a QHD display over a Full HD display in their smartphones. This brings up a question what is the real world difference between QHD and FHD displays? Quad HD simply means more pixels and more sharper display overall. The higher the resolution more pixels are to be processed by the processor. Heavier the processing requirement more is the battery drain. In Real World a test conducted by Android authority…


Want to boost Social Media? Do Your Homework first

Social media is playing a vital role in growth of business. In this world of internet it is the online presence of a business that turns it into a brand. Most of the business are going online and dealing with online services. Such businesses often use social media boosting services. Even few entrepreneurs use these services to get more customers to their business. If You want to boost social Media? Do your home work first. What do i mean by that? Do not trust any company, it can lead to account security issues. Recently, A social media boosting startup which…


Will my Smartphone make me a Cancer Patient

Cancer is a serious disease. A disease with unbearable pain for the patient and family. People fear even with the name of cancer and that is why this question is here. WIll my Smartphone make me a cancer patient? The SImple Answer is No. Then, What's up with the radiation and all. Don't Radiations cause cancer? Let's answer this in detail below Radiations, how dangerous are they. Well, Radiations can lead to death that is how dangerous they are. But not all radiations are harmful. Not all radiations are same. Even we as human poses cosmic radiation inside us. Radiation…

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Huawei’s Surprise for Qualcomm

Just after the US ban Huawei was rumoured to take its other technologies in the market for sale. HiSIlicon Kirin Processors were Exclusive for use to Huawei only. But this will come as a big Surprise for Qualcomm, Huawei is now selling Kirin Processors. Huawei's business strategy for 2020 is Completely different. Huawei is going to enter every tech markets from smart products to robotics. Qualcomm creates some of the best chipsets in the market. Qualcomm 855+ topped the chart but tied by Kirin 990 for performance. Kirin 990 5G took the game little further by providing 5G functionality. Huawei's…


Huawei is ready to Challenge Google

Huawei showed respect for US Ban thinking that it will be lift of soon. But, the Company is now frustrated as the ban is causing heavy loss to huawei. Huawei is ready to challenge google, and will not use licensed version of Android with google apps. Even if USA lifts the ban off huawei. US china trade war lead to this ban on huawei and now huawei is done cooperating. According to a new report from winFuture, One of Huawei's representative was quoted saying that the company won't use the licensed version of Android even if US lifts the ban.…


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