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24th December 2019 / Overdosed

Artificial Intelligence is far behind Humans today. But, thinkers like Mark Sagar can make Digital Humans Possible. Mark Sagar the CEO and founder of Soul Machines is creating a digital baby. Soul Machines is a Company that provides AI assistant for Customer Support which can simulate several actions of a real Human Customer representative. The Goal is to Create a Complete Digital Human Being.Unlike any other species Mark sagar started this species with a Baby. The DIgital baby which Mark calls BabyX. BabyX can learn by itself just like a human baby and show emotions. The Company uses a Digital Brain which is just like Human Brain. Human brain is made of neurons while the Digital Brain is created with Neural Networks(a network of nodes).

22nd December 2019 / Overdosed

Web development is the most in demand career of this era and also among the top trending job titles. A lot of Jobs are available for developers and it is believed this is a future Proof job for next 10 years. But here is the cache there are phP developers and then their are Javascript Developers and others. Here we are gonna see How phP developers stand in the future.phP is one of the most popular web development language in the web world. But popularity isn’t everything. About 78.9% of total websites on the internet uses pHP as their server side language. The biggest contribution to phP growth was of wordpress. Wordpress is probably the most popular web development platform and is still growing.

19th December 2019 / Overdosed

Drones have emerged to be a great tool for spying, and ofCourse for shooting some movies. Drones were popularly used for filming but now they are entering delivery world. Drones can help fasten the process of delivery which ultimately increases customer satisfaction.Every eCommerce Company is in a Competition to attract more Customers. Customers on the contrary love comfort more than price Competition, that has been proven by amazon prime. Customers will pay you an extra sum of money for faster and better services. With the growth of drone industry new Startups that provide drone delivery are emerging.

19th December 2019 / Overdosed

Martin Luther King Jr. believed this to be the cure of poverty. But the question arrises who will pay those income. The Government can either increase the tax on riches or on all Corporations. It is believed that as AI Could replace almost 40% of the Jobs available right now. The rise in unemployment due to population and now the AI creates a need for UBI. UBI is required to guarantee the basic Cost of living to every Human so no one Sleeps Hungry. Let us take a quick look its Pros and Cons.

29th November 2019 / Overdosed

Your Hard drive isn’t working anymore? Well the most probable cause for a hard disk failure is Corruption. Hard disk gets corrupt and can be fixed easily just by your windows PC or any third party app. The fault occurs on two levels – Software level which you will learn to fix here, and the hardware level which is quite a mess.Before we begin fixing procedure do check the basics- Check for loose cables or screws, try it on another computer, etc.