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14th November 2021 / Reviewed-X
13th November 2021 / Reviewed-X

Lenovo released a chromebook IdeaPad Flex 3i. It’s vastly cheaper for a chromebook, but that means it comes with issues. HP is the only company giving this model a competition for price and might keep up better standards. Let’s look into Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3i Chromebook:

12th November 2021 / Reviewed-X
31st October 2021 / Reviewed-X

OnePlus Nord 2, released August 2021, brings the company back in the game, but they have high competition. The new 1200-AI in the OnePlus Nord 2 functions better and faster, but the refresh rate of the phone is only 90Hz.

30th October 2021 / Reviewed-X
29th October 2021 / Reviewed-X
29th October 2021 / Reviewed-X
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