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Resolution of Camera is a debated question. In the Era of 108MP camera sensors we again raise a Question How much MP is enough? Well, the Standard Camera Resolution is 12MP. The two most powerful camera manufacturers in Smartphone Industry i.e. Apple and Samsung haven been using 12MP for some time now. Higher the MP more processing time, higher the battery drain, especially in processor heavy modes like HDR+, Portrait mode and Night mode. 12MP resolution is more than enough for an image to look crisp pretty much on any display out there right now. Pictures need to be 8.5 MP to be 1 to 1 pixel perfect and fill display. Anything over 12MP is waste and is often results is worse pictures when posted on social media.

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Refresh rate of a display is how many times the display refreshes the visual content in one second. The standard refresh rate is 60Hz which means the display will refresh 60 times in a second. The higher the refresh rate the smoother is the experience while scrolling and other transitions. The display if touch becomes more responsive with higher refresh rate. Overall, Higher refresh rate provides a better visual experience.

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Every Website Owner either a blogger or businessman, everyone of them is looking a way to get more traffic for their websites. The primary rule to increase traffic on any website is to maintain the current audience. Heat Maps are tools that tells you how visitors interact with your website. Which section of your UI is being used the most and which is not. Heat maps also help in identifying how your blog posts are performing by showing you how much the visitor reads. They can help you decide whether to use large Blog posts or Small. The Click and Mouse Cursor tracking are the most widely used Heat Maps.