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Smartphone Charging Myth busted

Smartphones have evolved over the years. Now Smartphones are much more useful and advanced. The same applies to charging techniques. Today Smartphones get fully charged in less than 30minutes. But still, we believe in various myths around Smartphone charging. In this article 'Smartphone Charging Myth busted' we shall explore the greatest myth of charging frequency. Search Google for 'How to extend smartphone battery life' the most popular article will tell you to charge your smartphone once in 12hours. That is a false claim, some people believe that it works. But actually you are making less use of your battery by…


Real World difference between QHD and FHD displays

Smartphone displays, are crucial part of evaluation. A Good display can make user experience much better. Quad HD and Full HD are the most popular displays in the industry. Everyone prefers a QHD display over a Full HD display in their smartphones. This brings up a question what is the real world difference between QHD and FHD displays? Quad HD simply means more pixels and more sharper display overall. The higher the resolution more pixels are to be processed by the processor. Heavier the processing requirement more is the battery drain. In Real World a test conducted by Android authority…


Will my Smartphone make me a Cancer Patient

Cancer is a serious disease. A disease with unbearable pain for the patient and family. People fear even with the name of cancer and that is why this question is here. WIll my Smartphone make me a cancer patient? The SImple Answer is No. Then, What's up with the radiation and all. Don't Radiations cause cancer? Let's answer this in detail below Radiations, how dangerous are they. Well, Radiations can lead to death that is how dangerous they are. But not all radiations are harmful. Not all radiations are same. Even we as human poses cosmic radiation inside us. Radiation…

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Why QualComm Snapdragon 865 is so hyped?

Qualcomm is the leading Player in Chip Manufacturing business. It all Comes about the innovations that qualcomm brings with every chipset. Qualcomm's 855+ were disappointing Compared to Apple chips. With Snapdragon 865 all things seems to turn around. Let us see Why Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is so hyped? Connectivity and Performance 5G is all that matters in the flagship game. Qualcomm detailed the X55 modem focused on 5G months ago. The X55 modem will be paired with snapdragon 865 for 5G connectivity. X55 comes with maximum download speed of upto 7GBPS. The new modem also supports wider range of frequencies…


When Will 5G Smartphones be Affordable?

5G is a big deal. 5G Internet Speeds will change the way we live our lives. But only if it is affordable for everyone. 2019 marked the first wave of 5G Smartphones which were in the flagship range. 2020 Will mark the second wave of 5G devices, the deployment of 5G has already begun making affordable 5G smartphones a necessity. Let us answer the one question When WIll 5G smartphones be Affordable? Every Company has different Opinions on 5G becoming Affordable. Lets take a quick look at what top players say before presenting our perspective. ARM Vice President of ARM…

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What is the Future of Huawei Smartphones without Google

Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Smartphones from huawei are loved by millions. Just before the US ban huawei was the no.1 Smartphone Manufacturer. So, What is the future of Huawei Smartphones without google? Google Services play an important role in our lives. Android is a big deal, it is one of the most mature smartphone operating system. Huawei's primary choice is Android. We recently heard about US intensifying the ban in 2020. If Huawei lose access to google services it will need a new Operating System. Huawei launched Harmony OS in 2019 as a…


What factors affects Smartphones Battery life?

Smartphones battery life is widely popular topic on the internet. Give a google search and you will find millions of articles claiming to save your battery life. But in this article we are going to focus on the alternate side i.e. battery drain. If you can control battery drain then it will eventually require less charging and low replacements. Here are the factors that affect your battery life most- Battery Size Battery size is the primary cause for shorter battery lives. Every Battery comes with a fixed number of recharge cycles. The smaller the battery size more frequent charges it…

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When will Chrome apps officially die?

In 2016, Google announced to wind down the support for chrome apps soon. Google didn't gave any official date before now. After almost four years Company has finalised when will chrome apps officially die. Chrome apps will bear a slow death, with different phases of death across mac, windows and Chrome OS. Few dates you may want to remember. New apps to the chrome apps store will official be banned from march 2020. However, developers will still be able to update existing apps till June 2022, when chrome apps will stop working for everyone. The support for Chrome apps will…

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Why Big Companies invest in Concept Products?

Millions sometimes billions of dollars are wasted by Companies on Concept Products. But if it is a waste then why big Companies invest in concept products? Before that let us answer what is a concept product?. "A Concept product is a product built by Company to explore new possibilities of innovations and is not meant for consumer use." If a Product isn't made for profit then it should be considered waste of money. All types of Industries are facing stiff Competition especially, the tech industry. The only way for big Companies to stay at the top of the list is…


Life Without Smartphones, is it better or Worse?

Smartphones are now an essential part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine a life without Smartphones. If someday, we don't have our smartphone we feel frustrated. All of us are now at that point in our lives that we cannot imagine a life without smartphones. This is post where you will find how will your life change without a Smartphone. So many everyday tasks are done with smartphones these days. If you are thinking of living a life without smartphone then get ready for some extra hustle. Smartphones serves as an entertainment media but there is more to it.…

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