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Xenobots, A man made living Organism

Frogs, a wonderful creation made a new path for humans to explore. Who thought that one day we will be able to create life. Yes, you heard right humans are now creating a new living organism. Xenobots, A man made living Organism named after African Clawed Frog(Xenopus laevis). Xenobots are created using Xenopus laevis Stem cells. The machines(Xenobots) are less than a millimeter wide. The width is enough for these Organism to travel through human body. They can walk and swim, survive for weeks without foods, and work together in groups. University of Vermont Conducted the research of creating this…


Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip, What’s the Catch?

Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked Event 2020 brought some interesting devices to life. Samsung Galaxy Z-flip remained the highlight of the event. Let's see Samsung Galaxy Z-flip, what's the catch? Unlike foldables the Z-flip uses Glass Screen which looks stunning. The hinge is strong enough to hold the smartphone in any open position you like. It opens smoothly without any noise. You will use two hands to open it. The Galaxy Z-flip isn't available for pre-orders, it will be in stores on Valentines day. This could be a bad sign, as all the foldables seemed pretty solid at the event but only…


Why Big Companies invest in Concept Products?

Millions sometimes billions of dollars are wasted by Companies on Concept Products. But if it is a waste then why big Companies invest in concept products? Before that let us answer what is a concept product?. "A Concept product is a product built by Company to explore new possibilities of innovations and is not meant for consumer use." If a Product isn't made for profit then it should be considered waste of money. All types of Industries are facing stiff Competition especially, the tech industry. The only way for big Companies to stay at the top of the list is…


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