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Inverting the MacOS WebCam

Macs are truly great, we all agree about that. But, as there is nothing perfect macs also have some negative points. The biggest issue that most users face is inverting the webcam on MacOS. There is no official Solution to the mirrored images and videos from mac's webcam. However, if you need a solution for just recording purpose then this will surely help you. Here I will teach you Inverting the MacOS WebCam. The macOS WebCam is a 720p camera that produces satisfactory results. Many Youtube Creators prefer recording their videos often on mac's camera. There are premium solutions available…


How to clone a Hard drive to HDD or SDD

Data we all have it, some of it is important other is just waste. Important data can be on any drive external or internal. For some of us data is so important that if we lose it, we could get in trouble. For times when you need to protect your very important data, you need a backup. Here we shall teach you how to clone a hard drive to hdd or sdd. Cloning Harddisk is pretty easy. We can simply install software to clone hard disks. There are quite a few options out there but let me list three of…


Good Lock by Samsung – Power to Customise

Samsung OneUI is one of the best Android Skin out there. Samsung worked hard to give a better user experience. With Good Lock Samsung is now on the edge of giving its customers power of custom roms without rooting. Good Lock originally launched in 2016, went further improvements and with the latest release it offers some good features. Let us what is Good Lock by Samsung and how it gives you Power to Customise. First thing first, how to download the Good Lock app. Its pretty simple just head to the galaxy store on your Samsung Smartphone and search for…

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How to fix Faulty Hard drives?

Your Hard drive isn't working anymore? Well the most probable cause for a hard disk failure is Corruption. Hard disk gets corrupt and can be fixed easily just by your windows PC or any third party app. The fault occurs on two levels - Software level which you will learn to fix here, and the hardware level which is quite a mess.Before we begin fixing procedure do check the basics- Check for loose cables or screws, try it on another computer, etc.


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