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Which is the best WordPress builder for 2020?

Wordpress is one of the oldest and most popular CMS software out there. There are times when get frustrated due to its complexity of customisation. Themes aren't enough to fulfill your design needs. That's where wordpress builders come in handy. Wordpress builders let's you build pages with ease of just dragging and dropping pre existing elements. You can create any type of design you want. Price ranges from 30$+ to 200$+. Things to keep in mind while Comparing Wordpress Builders- Compatibility - Not all themes are Compatible with all Wordpress builders. Chances are your current theme is not compatible with…


Is PHP developer Job future Proof?

Web development is the most in demand career of this era and also among the top trending job titles. A lot of Jobs are available for developers and it is believed this is a future Proof job for next 10 years. But here is the cache there are phP developers and then their are Javascript Developers and others. Here we are gonna see How phP developers stand in the future.phP is one of the most popular web development language in the web world. But popularity isn't everything. About 78.9% of total websites on the internet uses pHP as their server side language. The biggest contribution to phP growth was of wordpress. Wordpress is probably the most popular web development platform and is still growing.


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