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Chinese Smartphone Giants uniting to take over Google under GDSA

Few days back Huawei dropped to use Google services and started marketing its own Huawei mobile services. Harmony OS rumoured to appear in next Huawei Smartphone. Now Huawei gets Support of Chinese Smartphone giants. Huawei, Vivo, oppo, and Xiaomi are working together to take over Google Play store. Chinese Smartphone giants now uniting to challenge Google Play store in global Market. All of these Giants have joined together under Global Developer Service Alliance(GDSA). With this alliance they are attempting to develop a platform for developers to upload apps on all of their platforms simultaneously. SInce, Google Play Store is banned…


Transcribe Your Voice in Real Time with Google

Imagine a day in future when you do not need to learn different languages to talk to humans of other countries. The day is near Google Translate will soon be able to transcribe voice from language to another language as selected by the user in real time. This feature will bring the world more closer. Google Gave a demonstration of this technology at its san francisco event on tuesday. The feature will likely require internet connection and internet speeds will ofCourse affect the translation speed and accuracy. The Company says real time transcription of conversation is way more complicated than…

Drones a threat to Delivery Boy
Drones delivery

Drones a threat to Delivery Boy

Drones have emerged to be a great tool for spying, and ofCourse for shooting some movies. Drones were popularly used for filming but now they are entering delivery world. Drones can help fasten the process of delivery which ultimately increases customer satisfaction.Every eCommerce Company is in a Competition to attract more Customers. Customers on the contrary love comfort more than price Competition, that has been proven by amazon prime. Customers will pay you an extra sum of money for faster and better services. With the growth of drone industry new Startups that provide drone delivery are emerging.


Universal Basic Income – An Ideal Solution

Martin Luther King Jr. believed this to be the cure of poverty. But the question arrises who will pay those income. The Government can either increase the tax on riches or on all Corporations. It is believed that as AI Could replace almost 40% of the Jobs available right now. The rise in unemployment due to population and now the AI creates a need for UBI. UBI is required to guarantee the basic Cost of living to every Human so no one Sleeps Hungry. Let us take a quick look its Pros and Cons.

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