Youtube Stuck On Loading. How To Resolve?

Youtube is the most widely used video streaming service. It is filled with all sorts of content whether you are looking for entertainment or something educational. But, oftentimes Youtube gets stuck on the loading screen and just doesn’t load even after several minutes of waiting. Even though your internet is working fine, you are able to browse and download content with ease. But, Youtube just doesn’t work. The solution to this issue is very simple.

Use A VPN service when you face a Youtube loading issue. Now, let’s understand why it works. In most cases there are two reasons why youtube is not working:

  • Your carrier has blocked streaming services or limited internet usage for streaming websites.
  • Google servers malfunction in your area. Maybe government restrictions or some other infrastructure issue.

You can use any free or paid VPN to resolve this issue. Two of my favorite VPNs are betternet, and hotspot shield. If you have any questions put them in the comments.

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