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If you are an Apple user and you wish to switch to Android the most important thing is transferring your memories. You have two options you can manually download all photos from iCloud and Upload them on Google Photos. But, if you are lazy like me use this Apple tool to transfer your Photos from iCloud to Google Photos. The transfer of files can take up to a week. Apple uses that time to verify it’s you who requested the file transfer.

Checklist Before you initiate transfer

Google Photos has a limit of 20,000 Photos per album. If you have more than that your photos will still transfer but won’t be added to the library.

Initiate The transfer

  • Go to
  • Enter your Apple account credentials
  • Scroll down to select: Transfer a copy of your data
  • Choose Google Photos
  • Follow the Prompts to complete your request.

The tool is available in select countries but will soon expand in other parts of the world.

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