MacBook With Apple A14 ARM Chip coming soon.

Apple is about to release an ARM macbook but it is still debatable

Close Your eyes and ask yourself which laptop you want the most. The answer will be Macbook for most people. But Macbooks aren’t affordable for everyone. We have seen a new trend in the Apple pricing structure. Apple is releasing much more expensive devices and also mid-rangers. This new trend is one of the reasons to believe Macbook with Apple A14 ARM chip coming soon.

Almost all MacBooks are launched at Apple’s WWDC event. The event generally takes place in June or July. This year isn’t going to be any different. Macbooks that are powered with Intel processors perform really well but are also quite expensive. Apple in house chips is expected to perform comparatively or even better than some Intel chipsets. The obvious reason for Apple to switch to this approach is to introduce new entry-level MacBooks which are more affordable than the current lineup.

A recent Bloomberg report, suggests that Apple is planning to launch at least three ARM Macbooks in 2021. The Macbooks will be powered by Apple A14 under the project named “Kalamata“. Apple has already laid the foundation of switching from Intel to ARM with its project catalyst. But Apple will need to make an announcement this year to allow developers to optimize their apps for A14 before its release. This is a win-win situation for apple. How? The first thing it will give Apple more flexible pricing. Secondly, the iPad can be turned to the cheapest Apple computer option which will allow more people to access the Apple ecosystem.

Anyway, whatever it is. I am excited about the ARM mac. I wanna experience how it compares to intel’s flagship processors. Because comparing iPhones to intel Powered machines is not realistic but Comparing intel laptops with A14 MacBooks is interesting. Thanks for reading. Drop your questions in the comments. Stay Safe! Stay Calm!

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