Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked Event 2020 brought some interesting devices to life. Samsung Galaxy Z-flip remained the highlight of the event. Let’s see Samsung Galaxy Z-flip, what’s the catch? Unlike foldables the Z-flip uses Glass Screen which looks stunning. The hinge is strong enough to hold the smartphone in any open position you like. It opens smoothly without any noise. You will use two hands to open it.

The Galaxy Z-flip isn’t available for pre-orders, it will be in stores on Valentines day. This could be a bad sign, as all the foldables seemed pretty solid at the event but only to disappoint in real world. However, coming back to improvements a lot of drawbacks from early foldable smartphones have been improved here.

The gap around the hinge is still there, but pretty small. Inside bezels are much smaller in Z-flip. The crease where the screen folds is barely visible when we use the smartphone. The Screen is way better than Motorola Razr, due the material difference. Motorola Razr uses Plastic screen while Z-flip uses glass.

The tiny screen of Z-flip seems to be useful. The fingerprint is embedded in the power button and when double tapped it launches Camera for taking selfies in the tiny screen. The most practical use of tiny screen could be to check time, instant notifications. Samsung’s strong hinge allows the device to be in different angles which is quite useful for split screen modes or splitting apps in the duo. Few apps support this, like Google duo, Youtube, others will soon start adapting and it could be really powerful feature.

Z-flip is claimed to last 200K folds. Samsung achieved this by using bendable, ultra thin glass display, added with fibres built into hinge for protection from dust. The display is 6.7inch OLED panel with a 21:9:9 aspect ratio. The tiny display is 1.1 inch. Powered by SD855+, 8GB Ram, 256GB storage, and 3300mah “dual” battery. 12MP Dual rear cameras, one is ultra wide and other is regular wide angle.

Inside is a 10MP selfie Camera. Z flip supports wireless charging, comes with customised version of Android 10. However, Z-flip lacks 5G connectivity. Phone will launch in US and korea for $1380 on 14th february. Let me know in comments which one you think is better Galaxy Z-flip or Motorola Razr?


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