For nearly 18 months IGTV is working hard to improve the video experience. IGTV creators never showed a passion for uploading their videos on IGTV regularly. Primary reason is ofcourse money. Until now, IGTV didn’t paid its creators. But now IGTV has a partner program for creators to monetize their contents.

After increasing the time limit of videos on its platform now IGTV is testing a monetization platform. The monetization will motivate creators to create better content for IGTV. Content Creators may receive upto 55% of total revenue from ad breaks inserted in middle of videos as ad breaks.

Until now IGTV creators earned money vis promotions and sponsorships. IGTV will now be a great platform for earning money just like youtube. IGTV lacks quality content and the primary reason was lack of monetization. Lack of Quality content is the primary cause of such poor performance of IGTV. Only 7 million+ users use IGTV from billions of Instagram users.

TikTok is blowing up and Instagram did its very best to boost IGTV. But, now IGTV’s monetization will soon be coming. Tools will be available for users on the mobile app. The new Partner program has no fixed date. But within a month or two it will be available for everyone.

WIth monetization IGTV could be a great platform to produce content. With more quality content, more users will download IGTV and faster you upload your content higher will be your rates for organic growth. Let me know in comments what do you think of monetization on IGTV?



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