Mozilla Firefox – The Privacy Protector

Privacy concerns are rising day by day. We are being tracked at every moment in our life and that sucks. Privacy matters a lot, especially to the common public. We all have things and matters in our lives which we are not comfortable sharing with others. One of that is how we utilize the internet. Mozilla Firefox - The Privacy Protector is the only browser that cares about our privacy. In past years firefox has launched many updates to its browser which improved privacy protection. Tor a Project by Mozilla creates tunnels for you to browse the internet safely and…


Smartphone Charging Myth busted

Smartphones have evolved over the years. Now Smartphones are much more useful and advanced. The same applies to charging techniques. Today Smartphones get fully charged in less than 30minutes. But still, we believe in various myths around Smartphone charging. In this article 'Smartphone Charging Myth busted' we shall explore the greatest myth of charging frequency. Search Google for 'How to extend smartphone battery life' the most popular article will tell you to charge your smartphone once in 12hours. That is a false claim, some people believe that it works. But actually you are making less use of your battery by…


Inverting the MacOS WebCam

Macs are truly great, we all agree about that. But, as there is nothing perfect macs also have some negative points. The biggest issue that most users face is inverting the webcam on MacOS. There is no official Solution to the mirrored images and videos from mac's webcam. However, if you need a solution for just recording purpose then this will surely help you. Here I will teach you Inverting the MacOS WebCam. The macOS WebCam is a 720p camera that produces satisfactory results. Many Youtube Creators prefer recording their videos often on mac's camera. There are premium solutions available…


How to clone a Hard drive to HDD or SDD

Data we all have it, some of it is important other is just waste. Important data can be on any drive external or internal. For some of us data is so important that if we lose it, we could get in trouble. For times when you need to protect your very important data, you need a backup. Here we shall teach you how to clone a hard drive to hdd or sdd. Cloning Harddisk is pretty easy. We can simply install software to clone hard disks. There are quite a few options out there but let me list three of…


Huawei’s access to chips banned

Huawei managed to increase its smartphone sales in 2019 even after the US ban. The ban of Google Services did however affected the company in a negative way. Huawei also announced about introducing its own services and OS instead of Android. Huawei's access to chips banned by the new regulation change by the Trump administration. According to Reuters, Trump administration is bringing a new regulation that will cut off Huawei's access to chip supplies. What is the new proposal? According to the new proposal, all the chip manufacturers who are either using any US equipment or Software shall obtain a…


Free Wifi by Google, Not anymore

'Station' a program launched by Google in 2015 as an initiative to get more Indians online is coming to an end. The Company offered free Wifi access at 400 railway station and 5000 locations worldwide. Free Wifi by Google service is live in Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The Free Wifi by Google Program will wind up this year. Free Wifi program needed to be a sustainable business plan. In 2015 it seemed to be sustainable enough, but today it is more difficult than ever to make it work. Google Partnered with many…


Xenobots, A man made living Organism

Frogs, a wonderful creation made a new path for humans to explore. Who thought that one day we will be able to create life. Yes, you heard right humans are now creating a new living organism. Xenobots, A man made living Organism named after African Clawed Frog(Xenopus laevis). Xenobots are created using Xenopus laevis Stem cells. The machines(Xenobots) are less than a millimeter wide. The width is enough for these Organism to travel through human body. They can walk and swim, survive for weeks without foods, and work together in groups. University of Vermont Conducted the research of creating this…


MWC 2020 Cancelled due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is spreading fast and is a global problem. The cure for coronavirus is still under process. It is better to not participate in events where people gather from around the world. Mobile world congress(MWC) is one such place. MWC 2020 is now Cancelled due to Coronavirus Outbreak. The official Statement by CEO of GSMA confirms this, “With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Barcelona and the host country today, the GSMA has cancelled MWC Barcelona 2020 because the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to…


Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip, What’s the Catch?

Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked Event 2020 brought some interesting devices to life. Samsung Galaxy Z-flip remained the highlight of the event. Let's see Samsung Galaxy Z-flip, what's the catch? Unlike foldables the Z-flip uses Glass Screen which looks stunning. The hinge is strong enough to hold the smartphone in any open position you like. It opens smoothly without any noise. You will use two hands to open it. The Galaxy Z-flip isn't available for pre-orders, it will be in stores on Valentines day. This could be a bad sign, as all the foldables seemed pretty solid at the event but only…


Coronavirus effect on MWC 2020

Coronavirus is an untreatable virus which makes it much more dangerous. Coronavirus has affected businesses and people's life around the world. MWC is the biggest tech conference for tech Companies to introduce mobiles and other technology. Coronavirus effect on MWC 2020 is heavy. With the rising fear of Coronavirus several tech Companies steps out of MWC. MWC 2020 is still going forward, with more advanced precautions. These precautions include cleaning and disinfecting areas of the trade show, especially catering, surfaces, handrails, bathrooms, entry/exits, etc. Medical Support will also be increased. Even a non-handshake policy could be implemented. The Organisers also…

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